"Bariki" means "blessing" in Swahili. Join with Bariki Africa to be a blessing that impacts East Africa's bright future. Tomorrow's leaders are today's school children. By partnering with Bariki Africa, you can give village kids hope, an education, and a chance to transform their communities.



Education in Tanzania

Many Tanzanian children do not have the opportunity to go to school. While the state does offer free elementary school, it does not offer free kindergarten, which is a prerequisite to first grade. In addition, many children live too far from major towns to be able to attend school at all. Bariki Africa supports three village kindergartens in rural Kigoma, Tanzania so that these children may have a chance at education.    

The Schools

The Race

 If you live in the Phoenix area, join us in 2016 for a 5k fun run/walk to support the future of East Africa. Come have fun with friends, enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and learn about what is happening across the globe! To be notified when registration opens, sign up for our newsletter!